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With distilleries becoming almost as common as breweries in Colorado, it really is possible to have a local cocktail! Here are some thoughts for CSA Cocktails:

Basil Lemonade: Muddle basil leaves, add ice, gin or vodka, and lemonade. Shake and sip.

Peach Sangria: Some combination of the following is sure to be tasty: sliced peaches, some pureed peaches, white wine, sparkling wine or soda, ginger ale, brandy, vodka. Mix all ingredients except the fizzy ones and chill in the fridge for as long as you can stand to wait. Before serving, add ice and the fizzy wine or mixer.

Cucumber Cocktail: Puree cucumber, lime and sugar to taste to form a paste. Shake a couple spoonfuls of the paste with ice, vodka and a splash of lemon lime soda. Strain and savor.
Veggie Gratins

Layer veggies with a white sauce or cheese sauce and bake for a easy side dish. Top with breadcrumbs, cheese and a little butter for a crispy, cheesy, golden brown topping.

Prime veggies for a gratin: Squash, zucchini, kale, chard, tomato
Simple No Cook Fruit Desserts

Ripe summer fruit needs nothing but maybe a spritz of lemon juice and a dollop of whipped cream to make a fabulous light dessert. Peaches, Pears and Nectarines would work perfectly. I also suspect that basil whipped cream could work…I’ll let you know once I’ve tried it out!!