713 East Prospect Road · Fort Collins · Colorado · 80525

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- Welcome To Shire CSA -

Shire CSA is an organic vegetable farm located in the heart of Fort Collins on the Spring Creek bike trail. We offer annual CSA memberships, as well as operate our food tuck on the bike trail every Thursday night, during our weekly CSA veggie distribution. The mission of Shire CSA is to create the most intimate connection possible between people of the community and their food.

At Shire you can walk through the gardens, pick something that looks good to eat, bring it to the food truck and have it served to you so fresh that it is literally still photosynthesizing as you eat it. We also source as much as we can for the food truck from other local producers, such as Ingrained Bakery, Blackbird coffee, and LOCO Foods.

Please stop by the gardens and check us out, and look for the Ft. Foodtruck at rally’s and festivals around Ft. Collins.

- Our Menu -

* Woodfired Pizzas *

All-Natural Pepperoni - $12
GO GREEK - $15

* from our garden *

Apples Corn Peas
Artichoke Cucumbers Peppers
Beans Eggplant Potatoes
Beets Flowers Pumpkins
Belgian Endive Gourds Radicchio
Broccoli Greens Radish
Brussels Sprouts Herbs Rutabaga
Cabbage Honeydew Summer Squash
Cantaloupe Kale Swiss chard
Carrots Leeks Tomatoes
Cauliflower Lettuce Turnips
Celery Onion Watermelon
Chilies Parsnips Winter Squash

- Latest news -


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